London Adventure: Richmond Park


Pond in Richmond Park

Rows of homes in Richmond

LIterally loving nature
LIterally loving nature

When our friends in Richmond invited us over for dinner, we decided it was a great opportunity to day trip to the rolling hills of Richmond Park, in hopes of air fresher than in the city. The tube journey, taking us well over an hour, makes it seem like we are traveling somewhere foreign; tapping out reminds us we are only in Zone 4.

The brief walk through the high street is typical of anywhere in London, with stores that are a bit more high end than expected. Strollers are everywhere. We enter Richmond Park, and the main drag is crowded, which is not a surprise for a such a beautiful July afternoon. A turn off the paved road though, and we quickly separate ourselves from the other wanderers.

The paths here are more like trails – made of rocks and dirt instead of pavement. It’s almost  like we have really escaped on a great adventure, until we catch a glimpse or the skyline, which does not look as far away as the journey made it seem.

We took a seat by the pond, which judging by the life savers along the edge, may actually invite swimming. We will have to remember that! As we continued our large loop through the side paths, we ran into a family of deer – such a treat in comparison to the typical London wildlife – pigeons and mice. We eventually made our way back around to the entrance, where we took a nice stroll through the neighborhoods and mews to our friends’ house.

By the time we left, we were smitten, looking in every estate agent’s window for properties we could afford. On the long, slow commute back across the city, however, we decided that we should probably stay put for a while. For now I can dream that I can be surrounded by all of that green space.



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