London Adventure: Hampstead

Hampstead Heath

Orangery at Kenwood House

View from Fenton House

Gardens at Fenton House

Fenton House Gardens

Sunday Roast

We decided to take advantage of our National Trust membership last weekend, although would be a great thing to do for this upcoming holiday weekend (check if they are open first). After browsing the website (for what seemed like forever), we decided to head to Fenton House, near Hampstead Heath. I’ve heard such great things about the park, a figured it would be a good place to wander around first as well.

Hampstead Heath

This park, with its hilly nature and forest paths, may be one of my new favorite park in London. Full of dog walkers and trail runners, it was a great place to spend an afternoon. There was even a pond, in case you wanted to take a dip. You could even occasionally catch a glimpse of the city through the trees. We will be coming back here as weather turns colder and leaves change colors.

Kenwood House

Although our destination was the National Trust property, we stumbled upon this mansion while wandering around the park, and decided to pop in since it was free. What a treat! The architecture, tapestries, and paintings inside were quite a delight. “The Orangery” was an incredible windowed hallway with the most amazing windows. I have never really wanted a large house, but if it could have a sunroom like that, maybe I would reconsider..

Fenton House

A stroll through the center of town led us to the Fenton House. This was pleasant enough, but not quite as spectacular as the Kenwood House in the park. However, the gardens here are something amazing for being settled in the middle of a residential neighborhood. The flowers were a beautiful collection of late summer colors – oranges, reds, and whites. Behind the perfectly manicured lawn is an orchard and a vegetable garden, abundant and ready for harvest. There was a couple reading a book on the lawn – definitely something we should remember next time we visit a property! This was a great stop if you are in the area, but maybe not something to go out of your way for.


We ended our day with a fabulous Sunday Roast at The Stag. Incredible beer garden in the back, unusually friendly pub staff. A bit of a splurge for our usual Sunday meals, but completely worth it. Food coma-ed all the way back to our flat. Hamstead, we will see you again. As for now, we are off to Liverpool tomorrow!


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