Locals Guide to Mid-Coast Maine

Pemaquid Point LighthouseSunrise at AcadiaAcadia National ParkAcadia National ParkBeing a lobsterMid-coast MaineCozy woodburning stove

Our first trip back to the USA and we went to Maine for the autumn colors! As the husband grew up in Mid-Coast Maine, it was great to experience fall in his hometown, while I got to view the ever-quickly changing colors through the eyes of a traveler. Autumn isn’t quite as celebrated in London as it in the US, so we got in all of our pumpkin-scarf-apple-leaves-fireplace on. What an amazing holiday, and I did not have to plan anything!

What to Do

Eat Lobster

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is located on an island with mountains, looking out onto the ocean, full of several smaller islands. While standing on top of Mt. Cadillac, you are standing on the highest point on the Atlantic Coast north of Rio de Janiero! Watch one of the earliest sunrises in the USA. Climb up an iron rung scramble hike (the Precipice Trail was one of our favorite hikes we’ve ever done, next to Angel’s Landing and Zion Narrows).

Visit LL Bean in Freeport

Take a picture with the giant bean boot!

Walk along the water

There’s enough of it to be found.

Visit a Lighthouse

I would recommend Pemaquid Point (on the back of the Maine state quarter) or Portland Lighthouse.

Apple Picking

Take a trip to Granite Hall

Located in Round Pond, promise me you’ll stop in. It’s the most charming store in the most charming town, full of handmade local goods, exciting toys, and penny candy (or as Londoners calls it, pick-n-mix).

I love that when we asked for $2 worth of sweets, the lady behind the counter asked us “with or without tax?” Of course when neighbor children come in and ask for $2 of candy, it’s all they may have in their pocket.

Pumpkin Beer Drinking

Eat a Woopie Pie

Drive around and view the vibrant colors


Because that’s what Maine is for – eating and chilling. Take some deep breaths of fresh air, snuggle up by the fire, surround yourself with good company, and take in the beautiful sights around you.

Where to Eat

Most harbors have a small lobster co-op. If you can seek these out, I would highly recommend. Otherwise, try some of these places:

Moody’s Diner

Right on Route 1, you may think this place is a tourist trap. The kitschy Maine gifts may support this initial impression, but look around and you will see plenty of local regulars. Come on a weekend and expect to wait a bit before getting a table. Although not as cheap as it once was, Moody’s is a great local diner with a lot of charm. Don’t forget the amazing blueberry pie!

Shaw’s Wharf

If you can’t find a local lobster co-op, this will be a great local pitstop. The lobster roll is the best I’ve ever had – plentiful lobster meat, crisp butter-fried bread, no filler. There’s an amazing porch with picnic tables looking out on the harbor, where you can literally watch boats drop the lobster shipments off at the docks below. You can’t get any fresher than this.

Red Eats Lobster

Plan to wait in line, and avoid this place in the summer. This lobster roll will include meat from what seems like at least two lobsters – there is no way you can eat it like a sandwich. I highly recommend a side of fried scallops – these are crispy, delicious, and HUGE. The butter on the side is the most flavorful, delicious butter you can get in Maine. Afterward, you can hang out in the “prettiest city in America” – Wiscasset.

King Eider’s Pub

Located in one of the main towns along Route 1, Damariscotta, King Eider’s will make you feel like you have lived there your whole life. A solid, local establishment where you will fit right in with great beer and even better food.


We came back from the US full, relaxed, and ready to get back to the hectic city life waiting for us in London. If you have been to Maine and have any recommendations, we would love to hear them! It’s always fun to hear about others traveling in your hometown.


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