London Adventure: Bermondsey Beer Mile

Bermondsey Beer Mile

Maltby Street Market

I know what you are thinking – a pub crawl? Neither adventurous nor budget-friendly. We were so pleasantly surprised by this area of London though, that is deserved its own post.

We had some friends in town and had heard good things about the Bermondsey Beer Mile, so we decided to check it out. As I am not a big drinker, I was not pleased heading south of the river to buy a bunch of beer all day. But this day – I learned the glamour of half pints!

When you get a half pint, you can still try lots of types of beer and enjoy yourself at each brewery while neither breaking the bank nor getting sloppy. Buying rounds is a cinch when for 4 people it only costs £10!

Since we were unfamiliar with the neighborhood, it was really fun to just walk around the winding streets, popping into railway arches as we saw fit, and even stumbling upon the Maltby Street Market. Pleasantly surprised by a pretty inexpensive afternoon, we came home happy and exhausted.

There is adventure in every neighborhood if you are willing to look for it. Whenever you are feeling down, try wandering around a nearby town or even your own! You may be surprised what you stumble upon when traveling by foot.


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